Ever wonder who is currently speaking truth to power in the public arena?  Don’t look now, but it may be us.  You and I.

My name is Kathy Schuen and I am a Licensed Minister of the United Church of Christ.

Don’t hold that against me.

I began this blog in an effort to seek out the pragmatic-yet -visionary, passionate-yet-civil voices of discourse that used to characterize public debate over crucial issues. I know they’re still out there.  Voices of wisdom. Voices of discernment.  Voices of  any religion and none.  Voices who are not afraid to say, calmly and confidently, “this isn’t right, and it isn’t working,” no matter who is listening.

Your voice, maybe?

I’m also seeking voices that arise from the premise that God is present in the marketplace, in the streets, in the faces of people who you’d really rather not hang with, and occasionally in church.  Those kinds of voices.  In other words, voices of theologians everywhere, but not just any theologians.

You, maybe?

As my denomination says, “God is still speaking…”  Maybe even through us.

Now there’s a frightening thought.

Let’s do this:  I’ll post my thoughts on a hot-button event or topic.  You’ll respond.  Keep it clean and respectful of others, but don’t be afraid to speak your mind – or your heart.  Others will join in. We’ll Twitter, FB and Instagram the parts we like, or even the parts we don’t.  And we’ll see what happens.

“Come, let us reason together…” -God