It’s All God’s Business, and Ours.

About the title….

I should explain.

Philosophers are royally dissed, (and rightly so)  if they do not reveal their axioms upfront.  I see no reason why theologians should receive a free pass in this matter, so here is mine.

I think God takes a vital interest in every aspect of our lives.  Not only the touchy feely parts, but the steely-eyed, thoroughly secular activities of Wall Street, Super PACS, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, state and federal legislation, the upcoming presidential election, underwater mortgages, the NRA, “farmaggedon”, school shootings, the wired world, terrorist activities, free market capitalism and the 2008 economic meltdown – just to name a few.

It’s all God’s business, and it’s our business too.  As someone whose name I cannot recall once said (and I paraphrase), one voice crying in the wilderness is good, okay?  But many voices crying in the marketplace?  Priceless.




5 thoughts on “It’s All God’s Business, and Ours.

  1. Thanks for weighing in, Mickie. This blog is meant to apply theology to current events, so I’ll post on a hot-button topic every week. It’s my hope that people will respond so that we can get a dialogue going, because having the conversation is important. The teaching and ministry of Jesus is the lens through which I will try to view the happenings in the public arena – so we’ll see what happens. Again, thanks for leaving your comment! Your feedback is helpful in shaping this blog!


  2. I acknowledge the first part that theologians shouldn’t receive a free pass. next God does take an interest in our lives. and the last part It is God’s business and our business. I like that part of one voice crying but it takes many voices that cry to make it go.


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